Southerndown SLSC- Patron: Earl of Dunraven.
Welcome to our club. Come rain or shine you can usually find a happy and friendly face from one of our members at Southerndown. As most of you know, we are a very small club which promotes high standards in all aspects of life saving and life guarding, but above all we encourage the individual. We want you to have the most fun and all the help and support your need. We will encourage you to gain awards, compete to high standards, become excellent beach and pool lifeguards or simply to have fun training with others. I think I am right in saying we have a truly unique environment both beach wise and coaching wise- we even have our very own Aussie squad of advisors (Stuart and Elizabeth that is you!). If we can help you, let us know.

In December we celebrated our wonderful achievements in our Presentation evening.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Porthcawl Marine for their donations to our raffle prizes and to all our members who turned up in such a busy time. We had a brill time, topped off by some truly award winning dancing from Jonny and singing from Rhys. 

The most improved Junior of the year Award went to James Smith, who was recommended by many of our coaches. James has had a fantastic year and has been a great help to the patrol captains and to the younger members when he has helped us to coach them. He has put in lots of training with Stuart and other seniors who have done extra training during the days and I think I am safe in saying saw the benefits for himself! James has a fantastic attitude to his training and towards all other members of the club! Well done James! (You can print this off as a reference if you like!)

The Loyalty Award went to Rebecca Melbourne- Thomas, who is a complete and utter saint. Rebecca has been a member of the club for a long time and like myself has been involved in lots of aspects- Nipper, Junior, Senior, Coach, Committee member, Competitor, Social member, professional lifeguard for the Vale and a general dogs body! Need I say more?. Rebecca is especially important to us because of her continuously cheery disposition. No matter where or when, Bec will encourage those around her to have a go, and do their best. Bec is always there to coach, advise or carry out tasks with little or no thanks she carries on regardless. The very fact that all the children know and respect Bec shows how central she is to our modest club. Thank you for all your help, you are greatly appreciated.

The Brand New IRB Award was highly coveted and there were lots of contenders. I shall outline a few of our nominees below:
 Jonny - For failing to stop when following a car down Southerndown hill, despite being on a bike and doing himself considerable injury!
 Stuart and Elizabeth- for failing to tie on our ski correctly causing the person driving to have heart failure as they watched it slide down the trailer!
 Elizabeth- For leaving her ski out all night as she forgot it was behind a very ?high!? wall.
 Will H- For bravely testing our faulty lights whilst ever so slightly damp- ?it?s ok I?ve got rubber shoes? - and promptly getting electrocuted and thrown across the room!
 Sian- for an untimely and unfortunate accident with Angharad?s brand new ski, we know it?s not your fault- but we had to mention it!
 Ceri- For thinking that to make an extra choclatey cake you can just add more cocoa- and seeing her friends disappearing behind clouds of cocoa powder, as they said ?yum!?
 Will H- For impounding Alan?s dog, even though he?s worked with Alan for about 7 years and the dog lives on the beach- always has done! And then having to pay £50 to get it back again?.
 Karen and Sian- (Mostly Sian) for forgetting me and paddling off alone in a double ski race when I had fallen off at the first can!
 Team southern down- For a fantastic paddle session to Nash Buoy where we had a few difficulties and ended up having to rescue a few of our own seniors, mentioning no names!
 Will H- For rescuing a surf marker buoy with such determination that he refused to let go of the can of rocks used for weighting it down in case it drifted away! And almost drowning in the process!
 Owen- for failing to remove a splinter on first aid duty- honestly!
 Will H- for refusing to give right of way to his girlfriend on a wave and therefore enduring a nasty cut!
 Michelle- For running over Will and pouring ketchup on Stuart?s brand new jumper.
 Will H- For being locked in a toilet- (I?ll let him fill you in).

And the winner is??
Will H- who despite an incredibly high number of incredibly ridiculous blunders is actually a very enthusiastic and professional lifeguard. A wonderful coach and an all round good example to us all - apart from when he?s making blunders of course!

We hope that you will have a great 2005! Remember we are looking for a Junior Captain this year. So all of you are to be on your best behaviour- yes all! 
I hope we will see lots of you becoming qualified as Beach and Pool lifeguards and helping us to coach the younger members of our club. Southerndown is only as good as you help us to make it.

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